StarVie Aquila Rocket Pro 2020

StarVie Aquila Rocket Pro 2020 offers a perfect balance between control and power. It’s a harder version of Aquila Rocket.



StarVie Aquila Rocket Pro 2020 has a teardrop shape, medium balance, and a sweet spot located in the upper part of the racket. It’s aimed at medium level players up to professional players.

Aquila Rocket Pro is a good option for players looking for both control and power. The harder Eva Medium core helps to generate speed in powerful shots and also increases the control.

StarVie is introducing a technology called Extreme Spot to increase the size of the sweet spot, making it more forgivable. The model also has Anatomic Bridge Design, meaning an ergonomic shape of the bridge to give better comfort while holding the racket.

The racket is manufactured in Spain, assuring the highest quality.