The following are our top picks for the best women’s padel rackets of 2022. Whether you’re a beginner or have played padel for a while, you’ll find a racket that suits your needs among our favorite models.

We also discuss the differences between women’s and men’s rackets and give tips on what to consider when buying a new racket. Keep reading!

You can find our full list of the best models in different categories in our article best padel rackets 2022. Our padel racket buying guide for kids and juniors is also recommended for younger players.

Our top picks

How does a women’s racket differ from a men’s racket?

A women’s padel racket differs from a men’s racket in a few ways, which we will discuss below. Some ladies prefer to play with a slightly heavier racket, just as some men prefer a lighter padel racket.

The racket is lighter

Women’s padel rackets weigh approximately 330-360 grams and are therefore lighter than men’s rackets, which weigh between 350-390 grams. 

Women’s rackets are usually designated as Woman, Light, or W in the model name.

They use softer materials

Additionally, women’s rackets tend to have a softer hitting surface and core than men’s rackets. Manufacturers achieve this by using materials such as fiberglass and lower-density foam fillings. 

However, more advanced women’s rackets for competitive level tend to use carbon fiber and harder materials to provide better playing characteristics and durability.

Having covered the differences between men’s and women’s padel rackets, it’s time to examine our women’s padel racket top picks.

Best beginners padel racket for women 

Best paddle racket for women
Womens padel racquet Head Flash

Head Flash Woman 2021

Are you looking for an easy-to-play and forgiving beginner’s racket for women? Head Flash is a paddle racket designed for beginners and intermediate players.  

It is easy to play and helps you get a better ball strike, even when you hit the edges. The surface is made glass fiber, and the core is soft to increase playability.

A perfect racket for those new to padel and looking to improve their technique and ball striking.

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Best budget choice

Babolat Revenge W is a great budget choice for ladies
Babolat Revenge W

Babolat Revenge W 2021

With its stylish design, the Revenge W racket stands out on the padel court. With a lighter weight and soft materials, this racket will provide you with comfort and speed without straining your arm or elbow too much. 

The racket is drop-shaped and has a medium balance, giving you a good combination of power and control. 

The Revenge W is a great choice for the lady looking for a quality all-around racquet to keep developing. Babolat has produced a very affordable racket that we consider to be the best budget choice among padel rackets for women in 2022.

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Best all-around women’s padel racket

Robin Soderling makes good padel rackets for women
Robin Soderling padel rackets

Robin Söderling X-Series Womens Edition

The X-series from Robin Söderling, RS, is a padel racket for recreational players, as well as more advanced players looking for a racket to further develop their game.

In both defense and attack, the racket provides a good balance point. Due to the drop shape, the racket is relatively easy to handle, and the sweet spot is large, so even shots farther out towards the frame have good speed. 

To make it easier to handle, the core is medium hard and the racket weighs slightly less. The racquets come in different designs, one being designed with Swedish influencer Margaux Dietz.

Pick your favorite!

Best women’s padel racket for control

Alejandra Salazar plays with the Bullpadel Flow
Bullpadel Flow Woman

Bullpadel Flow Woman 21

If you prefer control in your game, this racquet is for you. It is the racket that Alejandra Salazar plays with on the World Padel Tour.

The Flow is extremely popular with men and women alike and did debut in a new design in 2021. The racket is lightweight and gentle for players with wrist, shoulder, or elbow problems.

Flow is a drop-shaped racket that offers players a nice mix of power and control. Fibrix is a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass to combine stiffness with softness. The Adaptia core of the racket adapts to your strokes and match situations. 

This racket features a Relief type structure that gives you extra grip and allows you to add more spin. Vibradrive is a proprietary technology developed by Bullpadel to dampen vibrations throughout the entire handle on every hit. 

It is one of the best women’s padel rackets in 2022 and a must-try for those who want to control matches with maximum precision.

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Best women’s padel racket for power

Vertex 3 Women is a power racket for ladies
Vertex 3 woman

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Woman

The Vertex 3 Woman racket provides speed, feel, and control. Bullpadel has further developed the materials in this update to make it more responsive and durable.

With a soft core, the racket is comfortable and forgiving, while also helping to increase ball velocity with its trampoline effect. 

A range of players can use the racquet, from recreational players to competitive ones. This racket is one of the best for ladies who want power in the attack.

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Best padel racket for injury problems

Best padel racket for women: Adidas AdiPower Light
Adidas AdiPower Light is a versatile and comfortable racket

Adidas AdiPower Light 3.0

The Adipower Light 3.0 racket has become a popular padel racket for both men and women due to its great features and stylish design. In 2021, Marta Ortega, the top player on the women’s side, uses it in the WPT. 

Thanks to the soft core, the padel racket has a pleasant and comfortable feel when hitting the ball. Carbon fiber in the hitting surface of the Adipower Light 3.0 makes it a responsive racket with great control. Additionally, the racket’s fine playing characteristics will assist you when attempting to press the attack.

A structure on the outside of the racket surface makes it easier to spin the ball. Many players have found that this racket helped them recover from tennis elbow since it is so lightweight.

The AdiPower Light 3.0 is has a given place among our favorite padel racquets for women in 2022.

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Buy women’s padel racquets online

As interest in padel has grown, so has the range of padel rackets for women. There is now a wide variety of models to choose from.

There is also an increasing number of online stores selling padel equipment, making it difficult to know where to buy it. Padel Nuestro, Nox, and Tennis-Point are some of our favorite padel shops. You can shop with confidence at these places since they offer fast shipping and easy returns.


Weight is the main difference between a women’s padel racket and a men’s padel racket. Rackets for women are lighter since they should be easier to swing. The materials used are also softer to provide greater comfort.

Due to their ease of play and gentleness, women’s padel rackets are popular even with men who prefer lighter rackets. For example, to avoid tennis elbow.

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