Top 3 Padel Rackets for Advanced Level & Experienced Players (2022)

Guide to the Best Padel Rackets for Advanced Players 2022

We have selected the best padel rackets for advanced players who are trying to win more matches. With the right racket, you can take your game to the next level and challenge even stronger opponents. 

Our racket guide offers detailed information on racket shapes, balance, weight, etc. You can find our recommendations for mid-level and other categories in our big roundup of the best padel rackets of 2022.

Top 3 padel rackets for advanced level

Improve your game with the best advanced level padel racket 

The matches get tighter as the level of play rises. There is no room for mistakes, and you need to play with precision to win. To do that, you need to be comfortable with your racket; it should give you confidence. At this level, it’s all about finding a racket that suits your style of play.

We have selected three models with top features, hoping one of them will suit your style of play. Let’s get started!

Best padel racket advanced level – Budget choice

Bullpadel K2 Power 2022 is a good choice for advanced players on a budget.
The best padel racket for advanced players on a budget.

Bullpadel K2 Power 2022

Bullpadel K2 Power 2022 is the racket you need if you want a lot of speed in your shots but have a limited budget. K2 Power is a forgiving and comfortable racket with a soft core and fiberglass hitting surface.

A carbon fiber frame provides stability and durability to the racket. With the aerodynamic construction of the racket neck this year, the racket should be easier to swing. The structure helps you get to the ball faster, defensively, and at the net.

We recommend you try the K2 Power if you have a good ball-striking ability and want a racket with a nice feel at a reasonable price.

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Best padel racket for experienced players – Value for money

Head Delta Motion 2022 offers a mix between control and power.
Head Delta Motion offers great value for money for advanced padel players.

Head Delta Motion 2022

The Head Delta Motion 2022 weighs slightly less than the Head Delta Pro, making it a good choice for players who want a manageable and easy-to-swing padel racket.

With its drop shape and neutral balance, the racquet provides a nice mix of power and control. Head uses Power Foam in the core and a large sweet spot thanks to Optimized Sweetspot Technology. With a roughened surface, you can smash and hit volleys with more spin.

The Delta Motion is an affordable racquet with a nice feel and is suitable for advanced players. We encourage you to try this model and see if it is right for you.

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Best advanced level padel racket – Premium choice

Nox AT10 Genius 18K is an excellent padel racket for experienced players.
Nox AT10 Genius 18K is one of the best padel rackets for advanced players.

Nox AT10 Genius 18K Agustin Tapia 2022

Agustin Tapia’s racket of choice is the Nox At10 Genius 18K 2022. This racket has a luxurious feel and a fine finish.

Tapia used to play with the AT10 Genius, but he wanted an even harder racket, so Nox created this model. The 18K carbon fiber in the hitting surface results in an excellent ball-striking response that benefits you at a higher level with a good technique. Balance is neutral, and the racket is easy to handle defensively and at the net. Check out the Nox AT10 Genius if you prefer soft hits, and if you want to go all out, check out the Nox AT10 Genius Limited Edition, the best-looking padel racket on the market.

The AT10 Genius 18K is excellent for advanced players who want a well-balanced racquet.

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What is a good padel racket for an advanced player?

Your racket should enhance the right areas of your game

What are your strengths and weaknesses in the game? Consider how you want your new racket to help you improve. Would you like to enhance your strengths or improve your weaknesses?

If you smash a lot, you might want a racket that’s specifically designed for that. A racket that provides the right response and feel in smashing situations. You might want a racket with more control if you have a good smash but are struggling on defense. There will always be a compromise, so think about what’s most important to you.

Get a spare racket

Once you’ve found your favorite racquet, you may want to buy another. Alternating between the two rackets reduces wear and tear and provides a backup racket if something goes wrong during a game. You may also want to consider switching to a dry-grip racket if your hands sweat a lot during the match. When purchasing an extra racket, make sure that the weight is the same on both rackets.

It’s important to have the right feel

What matters most is that you enjoy the racket. You will feel confident when picking up the right racket. Design and branding play major roles. If you choose a racket that you enjoy every way, stepping onto the padel court will be more enjoyable.

Common questions about advanced padel rackets

Summary of the best padel racket advanced level 2022

You need a racket that fits your specific playing style and preferences when you play at a higher level. A higher level of play demands the best materials and playing characteristics.

No one shape is better or worse for advanced-level players; it’s just a matter of preference. Rackets can be round, drop, or diamond-shaped at the highest level.

You can expect to spend approximately 250 Euro to 500 Euro on a quality racket, but consider the playing characteristics first. Expensive does not always mean better.

It’s crucial to analyze your game and how you want the new racket to elevate it when choosing a padel racket. Will it enhance your strengths or improve your weaknesses? You may want to buy an extra racket of the same model if you play a lot to reduce wear and tear and have a backup if anything happens.

The most important thing is that you enjoy using your new racket 100 percent. The goal is to boost your confidence and make padel fun for you.