Young players must start with a good junior padel racket (or racquet), making the game more enjoyable and encouraging development. Here is our guide to the best junior padel rackets and what to consider when buying a racket for kids. 

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Summary of the best junior padel rackets

It is important to select the right padel racket for juniors

Differences between padel rackets for children and adults

For children and juniors, a good paddle racket should be easy to play with and gentle. Children’s shoulders, arms, and wrists are not as strong as adults, and they cannot swing rackets designed for adults. As a result, the paddle racket designed for juniors looks different.

Lighter in weight

Kids padel tennis rackets are lighter than adult racquets to work correctly. Adult versions weigh between 350 and 390 grams, while junior versions weigh between 290 and 340 grams. In addition to making it easier to swing, this reduces the risk of muscle strain and injury.

 A smaller grip

Junior rackets have narrower and shorter grips to accommodate smaller hands. Having a smaller grip makes it easier to hold the racket and reduces forearm tension. You can add additional grip pads if you want a thicker grip.


Softer materials like fiberglass are used instead of carbon fiber in the frame and the hitting surface to make children’s padel rackets more playable. In addition, the core of the racket is usually softer to increase sweet spot size and make it more forgiving. 

List of padel racquets for kids between 8-12 years

Best padel racquet for ages 8-12

Even among the younger generation, padel tennis is growing fast and making its way into clubs. Is your child interested in playing padel? In that case, we recommend investing in one of the models below we have named the best padel racket for kids and juniors in 2022.

HEAD Alpha Junior Sanyo 2021

Head Alpha Junior is a good option for junior padel players

Head is one of the leading brands, and the Alpha Junior Sanyo 2021 is a padel racket for children and juniors between 8 and 12. With its drop shape, this model offers a good balance between speed and control. In addition, its low weight of 310-330 grams makes it easy to swing. Thickness is standard at 38 mm.

The hitting surface of the racket is fiberglass, and its core is soft, which helps the smaller players generate speed.

The Alpha Junior paddle racket consists of a carbon frame, which makes it very stable and durable. There is also a frame guard to protect against impacts.

This junior version was inspired by world number one Sanyo Gutiérrez’s official padel racket Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro racquet. The racquet is suitable for beginners and more advanced players and deserves a place among the best padel rackets for kids and juniors in 2022.

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Dunlop Aero-Star Junior 2021

Dunlop Aero-Star Junior is another great option for young padel players

The Dunlop Aero-Star Junior is a model designed specifically for children aged 8 to 12. Aero-Star Junior is Dunlop’s junior version of the top model from the Aero-Star collection.

It is drop-shaped and has a medium balance, making it a versatile all-around racquet. It has a lightweight design of 320 grams and has a frame width of 36 mm.

Aero-Star Junior is the perfect racket for juniors who want a soft and comfortable feel when hitting the ball to improve their technique.

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Adidas Metalbone Youth 2021

The Metalbone Youth targets young players who are looking for power

Any padel-interested juniors who have seen Ale Galán on the World Padel Tour might consider the Adidas Metalbone Youth.

A brand new model from Adidas for 2021 is a junior-adapted version of Adidas Metalbone, Ale Galán’s signature racket.

This racket suits junior players who prioritize speed. Besides its diamond shape and high balance, the racquet has a sweet spot high up on the hitting surface.

This racket weighs up to 330-345 g, and it has a soft core. The frame and hitting surface consists of fiberglass for better playability and comfort.

It features an octagonal carbon fiber reinforcement in the upper part of the racket. As a result, the racket’s top is extra stiff, which increases power in hard shots.

With the Adidas Metalbone Youth racket, kids and teens can kick balls out of the court like the pros.

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Top picks of padel rackets for girls between 7-11 years

Padel racket for girls 7-11 years old

Girls can indeed play with any children’s racket, but some find it more enjoyable if it’s made especially for them.

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Junior Girl 2021

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Junior is a perfect options for girls

Bullpadel Vertex JR Girl 21 is suitable for children aged 7-11. It is a great-looking racket made with quality materials.

It is lighter than adult rackets at 335 grams and slightly narrower (35 mm instead of 38 mm) to make it easier to handle.

Its surface layer is fiberglass, and its core is soft for a comfortable ball hit and accommodates a missed shot.

Vertex 3 Junior Girl 21 is our top-rated racket for girls’ junior padel.

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Padel rackets for children under seven years old

Even the youngest players should join in on the padel trend and fun on the padel court. The racket we picked will give the kids the best start to their future padel adventure.

Bullpadel Funny Boy & Funny Girl

Bullpadel Funny is easy to play and suits the youngest padel players

Bullpadel is one of the main brands in padel, and Funny is the perfect padel racket for children aged 4-7. A playful design and forgiving characteristics make it ideal for playing padel.

The Bullpadel Funny has a thickness of 26 mm and a weight of 280 grams to make it easier to handle for smaller children. The design is drop-shaped.

In our opinion, Funny is the best padel racket for kids up to 7 years old.

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Junior & Kids Padel Rackets

Selection of the best padel rackets for juniors and kids in 2022.


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