Best Padel Balls - Test and Review

Best padel balls 2023: Guide & Reviews (All levels)

As padel grows in popularity, so does the range of padel tennis balls. How do you know which one is right for you?

Depending on your skill level and the type of game, choosing the best padel ball is different for everyone. There are many types of padel balls on the market and they all look similar, but there is much variation in how they play. The reason is differences in weight, pressure, and durability. Join us as we pick the best padel balls of 2023.

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Best padel balls 2023 – Normal speed

Head padel balls - Padel Pro

Head Padel Pro

The Head Padel Pro is one of the best-selling balls in the world. It has a slightly slower speed than Head Padel Pro S. A durable ball that is often seen in competitions all over the world.

The ball has a pleasant playing feel and a speed that makes it easy to keep it in play. Despite this, it has enough speed to let us kick balls out of the court.

An easy-to-like premium ball. This is a bestseller for a reason.

Find the best price for Head Padel Pro:

Varlion Summum Pro W best padel balls

Varlion Summum Pro W

Summum Pro W is a high-quality padel ball from Spanish Varlion. In addition to being durable, this ball maintains a consistent quality over time. It is made with more pressure to be played in inland areas during winter or at low temperatures.

It is slightly faster than standard but not too fast for regular exercise play. It is highly recommended.

Find the best price for Varlion Summum Pro W:

Babolat Padel Ball Court

Babolat Padel Ball Court

The Babolat Padel Court, formerly known as Padel+, is the official ball of the APT Padel Tour. Specially selected materials are used to make the ball extra durable and long-lasting. It has been designed for normal-speed play and is very comfortable. In addition to being made of durable materials, the Padel Court is also approved by the FIP (International Padel Federation).

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Best padel balls 2023 – Fast speed

Bullpadel padel balls

Bullpadel Premium Pro

There are several Spanish padel federations that use Bullpadel Premium Pro as their official ball, and it has also been used at the Padel World Championships. Suitable for both practice and competition, Bullpadel Premium Pro is an absolute bestseller. Due to its long durability, it is a popular training ball with many padel clubs.

After a couple of hours of play, we find it to be the equivalent of a normal speed ball with a slightly lower bounce. Durable and long-lasting, this ball is a good choice.

Find the best price for Bullpadel Premium Pro:

Wilson Performance Speed Padel Ball

Wilson Performance Speed Padel Ball

The giant Wilson manufactures Wilson Performance Speed Padel Balls. Several solid tests have been conducted to ensure the ball is of high quality, long-lasting, and offers a great feel. This ball is slightly harder and faster than the Performance Padel Ball.

We recommend this ball if you want a slightly faster ball that retains its feel.

Find the best price for Wilson Performance Speed Padel Ball:

Head Padel Pro S - Best padel balls

Head Padel Pro S

WPT uses the Head Padel Pro S as its official ball. Head developed it in partnership with world padel elite players. With more bounce and speed, it’s a ball that’s good for players who want to play faster.

We can tell immediately that the ball is of premium quality after opening the packaging. Playing with the ball offers you dynamics and helps us keep the game going.

The Head Padel Pro S is an excellent ball for beginners and more advanced players who enjoy fast play. It’s been around for a while, but it’s still one of the best balls you can buy. Highly recommended!

Find the best price for Head Padel Pro S:

What is a padel ball?

A padel ball is a type of ball that is specially designed for playing padel (padel tennis). Padel balls and tennis balls have similar looks and both weigh 56 to 59.4 grams.

As with tennis balls, padel balls have rubber and felt surfaces. Three balls are used in a padel match. In competitions such as the World Padel Tour, four balls are used at a time.

Best Padel Balls - Test and Review

The difference between padel balls and tennis balls

Comparing padel balls vs tennis balls, there is not a huge difference between them, but enough for the gaming experience to be completely different.
In appearance and construction, a padel ball is similar to a tennis ball. However, it is common for a paddle ball’s felt to be longer than a tennis ball to dampen the speed.

A padel ball has a lower pressure than a tennis ball, which causes it to bounce less. As a padel court is smaller than a tennis court, a padel ball should be slower.

  • Padel ball: 4.6 kg – 5.2 kg per 2.54 cm2
  • Tennis ball: 8 kg or more per 2.52 cm2

A padel ball’s bounce is measured to determine if it is eligible for play in the World Padel Tour. For example, if you drop a padel ball from a height of 2.54 meters against a hard surface, it should bounce back upwards and reach a height of about 135 cm.

The size may differ

Padel balls can be slightly larger than tennis balls, but it’s hard to tell the difference. Tennis balls should have a diameter of between 6.54 and 7.30 cm, while padel balls have between 6.35 and 6.77 cm. So, sometimes the balls are different sizes, but not always.

Best Padel Balls - Test and Review

Different types of padel balls

Today, most padel tennis balls on the market are pressurized with either gas or nitrogen.

Also available are non-pressurized balls, which have thicker rubber and the same pressure inside the rubber as outside.

Balls with no pressure tend to last longer, but also change faster than balls filled with gas. 

There are two types of pressurized balls: normal speed (medium speed) and high speed (fast speed).

  • For better speed and bounce, fast padel balls have a higher pressure and a shorter felt. Therefore, these are suitable for both intermediate players and more advanced players.
  • Due to lower pressure and a longer blanket, normal speed balls are slower. These are suitable for beginners but can also be played by advanced players who prefer a slower speed.
Padel Balls Review and Test

What is the best padel ball?

Frequently, we are asked about how to choose the right padel racket and the best racket to buy? The answer to that question is that it depends on what you are looking for and what level you play at.

Padel balls are no different. Different types of courts and climates require different types of balls. Then it is simply a matter of preference; different players prefer different types of balls. Some people prefer faster balls, while others prefer slower balls.

We’ve named what we think are the best padel balls of 2023. The winners:

Best padel ball for normal speed: 

Best padel ball for fast speed:

The durability of padel balls

What is the lifespan of a padel ball? The ball loses pressure every time it bounces and even when it is not in use. A ball loses 25 percent of its pressure after the first game.

How often should I replace my paddle balls?

A padel ball usually lasts between 2-4 hours, i.e., one or two matches. Many players prefer to use the same ball for several matches, while others like it if they get new balls before each match. Changing the balls is more frequent at higher levels.

What is the best way to store padel balls?

To ensure long shelf life, paddle balls should be stored cool and dark. Avoiding large and sudden temperature changes is also a good idea.

Maintaining the pressure in padel tennis balls

There is a ball saver product called a ball pressure tube or pressurizer. It extends the durability of the ball by maintaining the pressure inside. This will allow you to save time and money.

In addition to saving money, it is good for the environment.

How does a ball pressurizer operate?

A pressure tube is a pneumatic tool used to maintain the ball’s pressure. It resembles a ball tube that closes, and the air is pumped in through a valve to create optimum pressure.

You can have a pressurizer in your padel bag because it takes up the same space as a regular ball tube.

Can old balls be revived?

Yes, by using a ball saver like the Pascal Box from Bullpadel. You can gradually restore old, deflated balls if you follow the instructions for the product.

Best padel ball saver & pressurizer of 2023

Best ball saver - ball pressurizer

Bullpadel Pascal Box

The BullPadel Pascal Box is an innovative solution where you place the balls in a sealed tube. The balls are then pumped with air until the right pressure is reached for the next time they are used.

The pressure gauge indicates the pressure inside the Pascal Box. You can set it to either the tennis or padel settings. Overpressure is prevented by a safety valve.

Pascal Box helps you maintain approved pressure in the balls and recover lost pressure in used balls. It means better durability for both the wallet and the environment.

Pascal Box is a high-quality product that gives a good result. You can easily extend the life of the balls from the regular 1-2 matches up to 4-5 matches.

Find the best price for Bullpadel Pascal Box:

Common questions about padel balls