Siux Subzero 2021

Siux Subzero 2021 Review

Siux Subzero 2021

Siux Subzero is a new model for 2021 with the attacking player in focus. Good for power but unbalanced and poor maneuverability in other situations. There are better alternatives from Siux.


Premium quality
Good for power


Hard to maneuver


Year: 2021
Brand: Siux
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Shape: Diamond
Balance: Medium-High
Hardness: Medium
Type: Power


Siux Subzero is a new model for 2021 developed for players who are looking for power.

The racket has a diamond shape and a medium to high balance. It has a so-called Bitube Carbon Frame, which means that it is double-reinforced. The surface is made of Total Elastic 1K carbon fiber.

The core consists of EVA Soft High Recovery laminated in five layers. This increases the responsiveness while reducing vibrations and the risk of injury.

First impression

Siux Subzero comes in an oversized diamond shape. With an extra-large hitting surface and a short grip, the rack doesn’t feel proportionate. Our copy also heavy, which contributes to the racket feeling clumsy.

Siux is using fine materials in this model and the finish is of high quality. We like the color combination. What takes away a bit of the premium feel is the shiny red color in the racket neck that looks plastic.

Our test racket weighs just over 384 grams without overgrips and we measured the balance to 270 mm. The length of the grip is 11.5 cm.

Siux Subzero 2021
Siux Subzero 2021

Siux Subzero 2021 in the defense

We are used to good comfort in Siux rackets and the Subzero is no exception. The feel on contact is soft and we don’t experience any vibrations. The sound is also rich and pleasant.

Subzero is designed for power, which is noticeable in the defensive game. The weight and shape give a feeling of clumsiness in the defense, which makes it challenging to get to the right positions quickly. On the positive side, it’s responsive which is helping us to generate speed. In counterattack situations, we benefit from the racket being top-heavy.

Siux Subzero 2021 in the attack

Moving up the court, the Subzero delivers good comfort and feel. In situations where we have enough time to get into the right position, it delivers great results in volleys. It’s not as good in situations where we need to block faster shots from the opponents.

The same goes for bandejas and viboras, where it’s just not as maneuverable as we would have liked. In smash situations, the racket shines more. The higher balanced combined with a large sweet spot helps generate power and speed.

Siux Subzero 2021 playability & comfort

Playability and comfort are important factors when choosing a padel racket. Beginners and intermediate-level players generally benefit from a racket with good playability. A comfortable racket reduces the risk of injuries.

Playability: Poor
Comfort: Good

Overall impression

To summarize, the Subzero is a quality racket made of fine materials and the latest technology. On the downside, it’s unbalanced making the overall experience a bit of a disappointment. Besides, the price is high. There are better Siux rackets Siux to choose from.