Cartri Volcano 2 2021

Cartri Volcano 2 2021 Review

Cartri Volcano 2 2021

Cartri Volcano is an innovative racket in an unusual shape. Delivers great results in the offensive game with a sound that is certain to scare your opponents.


Strong in the attack


No structure in on the hitting surface


Year: 2021
Brand: Cartri
Weight: 355-375 g
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Shape: Round
Balance: Medium
Hardness: Medium
Type: Balance


The racket has a hybrid shape that can be compared to a round racket. The frame is made of a mixture of 6K carbon fiber and Kevlar for maximum stability. The surface is made of 12K aluminized carbon fiber to give the best possible response and durability.

In the core, Cartri has chosen to use different foams. It consists of both a medium-hard white foam and a black EVA Soft foam.

On the surface, there is a structure to improve grip during on sliced shots.

First impression

Volcano 2 stands out with its unique shape. The Cartri logo blends discreetly with the carbon fiber pattern on the face. The frame has a rust-colored tone on the side. The hitting surface has no structure; however, the rack has an approximately 2 cm thick frame around it that features a dotted pattern. 

The racket we tested weighs 372 grams, including two overgrips. We measured a balance of 270 mm in this design. Grip length is 120 mm.

Cartri Volcano 2 Test and Review
Cartri Volcano 2 Test and Review

Cartri Volcano 2 i the defense

Volcano 2 is perceived as a solid racket after just a few minutes on the padel court. In addition to being relatively heavy in the hand, the shape contributes to the racket feeling solid.

The Volcano 2 isn’t the easiest racket to swing on defense. It can be difficult to get right behind the ball in some fast situations. Positively, the size of the sweet spot is relatively big, and the racket provides good control from the rear parts of the padel court.

The hybrid core allows us to generate speed at the rear of the court, and in counterattack situations, the Volcano 2 responds well thanks to its balance and weight.

Cartri Volcano 2 in the attack

In the area around the net, the Volcano 2 comes into its own. When hitting the ball, the racket has a dull and pleasant sound, and it offers nice weight for volleys.

It perform well in the overhead game with consistent results in bandejas and viboras. Its main strength lies in smash situations, where the racket performs well and delivers significant power. Volcano 2 will make it easy for players with a fast swing and great technique to kick balls out of the court.

The only thing we would have liked to have seen in the offensive game is a structure in the face for better bites in cut volleys and stop balls.

Cartri Volcano 2 playability and comfort

Players of intermediate level and above will find Cartri Volcano 2 a suitable game. Playability and comfort are acceptable.

Playability: Medium
Comfort: Medium

Overall impression

The Volcano 2 is an innovative racket with an exciting shape and hybrid material. When it comes to offensive play around nets, especially in smashes, the result is very positive. However, the racket can be clumsy in certain situations and lack the agility of a defensive racket.

The Volcano 2 could be worth a closer look if you are looking for a solid racket with a good sense of weight and innovative materials.