Bullpadel Vertex 2 2019

Bullpadel Vertex 2 2019 Review

Bullpadel Vertex 2 2019

The number one World Padel Tour player Maxi Sanchez has Bullpadel Vertex 2 2019 as his signature racket. High-quality materials, great characteristics, and a perfect balance between power and control makes this racket stand out this year.

Bullpadel Vertex 2 2019


The racket has a diamond shape, high balance, and a relatively large sweet spot.

The impact surface is made of Xtend Carbon 12K which has 12,000 carbon fibers per cm², which means a denser material than its predecessor. This gives better response and power without reducing control.

New on this year’s Bullpadel Vertex 2 is that it comes pre-assembled with the immensely popular grip Hesacore. This new ergonomic grip makes the handgrip better on the racket, resulting in less strain on the hand, wrist, and forearm. Also, fewer vibrations reduce the risk of tennis elbow.

Another addition this year is the possibility of attaching weights (Custom Weights) to the frame and the grip. It is possible to mount up to 3 weights x 3 grams on the frame to make the racket more top-heavy and thus generate more power. If you want increased control, you can easily mount weight of 5 or 10 grams in the grip.

The impact surface has a special texture similar to sandpaper, which helps to generate spin.


Bullpadel Vertex 2 2019 first impressions

The first impression of the Bullpadel Vertex 2 is that it feels lighter than it is. Our test racket weighted 378 grams but felt more like 365 grams.

Next surprise is the Hesacore grip. It gives a much better grip, which is especially evident when the hand is sweaty.

Bullpadel Vertex 2 2019 on the padel court

The Vertex 2 feels great both in defensive and attacking play. The high balance and relatively hard inner core help generate good power in volleys and smashes. At the same time, it offers good speed and control in defensive shots from positions near the back glass.

For a diamond-shaped racket, it’s relatively forgiving to hits outside the sweet spot area.

The sandpaper-like structure on the impact is supposed to help generate more spin, but we find it doesn’t make a big difference. Besides, many Vertex 2 owners argue that the texture disappears after a short time of use.

Bullpadel Vertex 2 2019 overall impression

As with all Bullpadel Proline padel rackets, the Vertex 2 has a great quality feeling and the design is beautiful. With its fresh yellow color, this is a racket you notice at the padel club.

On the court, this racket surpassed expectations and didn’t appear to fall short in any category. If you are an intermediate or advanced player we can highly recommend it.

With great characteristics, Hesacore grip, possibility to put add weights and beautiful design, we think that the Bullpadel Vertex 2 is one of the best rackets available at the moment.