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Choose a good beginner racket when you begin playing padel

For those who have just started playing padel, this is the best racket for beginners in 2021. We present some of our personal favorites for beginners here. To give you a positive start to your padel experience, we have selected models that are easy to play.

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It’s more fun to play padel with a forgiving racket

Padel is most enjoyable when you can keep the ball in play. Therefore, playability should be your top priority when choosing a racket for a beginner. Furthermore, to avoid injuries such as padel elbow or tennis elbow, you should select a racket that is comfortable to play with.

We have selected three forgiving padel rackets for beginners below. Let’s go!

Best Padel Rackets For Beginners 2021

Playability and comfort are among our top priorities when choosing these models.
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Babolat Vertuo Air

Shape: Teardrop
Level: Beginner

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Babolat Vertuo Air 2021

In Babolat’s new Vertuo series, this model is the lightest. As a result, beginners and intermediate players will enjoy the ease of swinging and playability.

The racket has a medium balance in addition to its drop-shaped design. However, thanks to the fiberglass hitting surface, there is a larger sweet spot.

By efficiently absorbing vibrations, you reduce the risk of developing elbow problems. Our recommendation for beginners is to check out the Babolat Vertuo Air. Then, you can keep it as your skills improve.

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Nox Equation WPT 2021

Shape: Teardrop
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

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Nox Equation WPT 2021
Fiberglass for comfort
Low balance
Soft and comfortable

The Nox bestseller in the beginner segment has been updated. This racket is designed for players who are just beginning their padel journey and wish to learn the game.

The racket’s low balance and round shape make it easy to handle. Nox uses HR3 as the core of many of its models, while the surface layer is fiberglass for excellent comfort. In addition, carbon fiber is used to make the frame, which makes it durable.

If you want a forgiving and easy racket to use, take a closer look at this model.

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Babolat Storm 2021

Shape: Teardrop
Level: Beginner

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Babolat Storm 2021
Large sweet spot
Glass fiber

One of Babolat’s most popular entry-level models. Ideal for beginners who want a gentle and forgiving racket during their padel development.

It has a drop shape and a medium balance point. Because of this, you can use the racket both defensively and offensively. Low-density EVA fills the racket. Fiberglass is used in the face to make the racket forgiving.

If you want a forgiving racket with good playing properties, this is a good alternative from Babolat.

Tips for choosing a padel racket for beginners


Often, beginners use rackets which are difficult to play. When you start playing padel, you’re tempted to buy the coolest and best racket you can find. The result is that it leads to bad results on the padel court while interfering with your development as a player. Purchase an easy-to-play racket adapted for beginners and upgrade as your skills improve.


When you start playing padel, we recommend choosing a lighter racket. Because it’s easier to maneuver, you can play longer before getting tired in your shoulder and arm. Rackets with heavier heads are more difficult to move, which means an increased risk of injury before you develop the right technique. Injuries can also be caused by rackets that are too light. The ideal weight for you depends on your physical condition.

Grip size

Padel rackets come with standard grips when you buy them. On top of this, you should put one or more overgrips depending on your hand size. When gripping the racket, you should be able to place your index finger between your fingertips and the palm of your hand. Add another overgrip if your fingertips touch the palm of your hand.

Best padelrackets for beginners 2021 summary

When you begin playing padel, it’s important to choose the right racket. A bad racket can slow down your development, as well as cause injury. Round rackets have a larger sweet spot and are easier to handle, making them ideal for beginners.

Beginner rackets come in many different price ranges, but it’s their characteristics that matter most. Instead of buying an expensive racket, buy an easy-to-play beginner racket. Make sure the racket you choose is something you feel comfortable using since this will reduce injury risks. Last but not least, make sure that you are using the right grip size.

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