Best Padel Rackets for Beginners 2021

The best padel racket for beginners 2021 targets those of you who have recently started playing padel. Here we present some of our personal favorites for beginners. We have selected models that are easy to play with to give you a positive start to your padel experience.

Best padel rackets for beginners 2021 selection

Adidas Essnova CTRL 2.0

Shape: Round
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Review of Adidas Essnova CTRL

Adidas Essnova CTRL 2.0 2020
Adidas Essnova CTRL 2020
User Average

Babolat Defiance 2020

Shape: Round
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Review of Babolat Defiance

Babolat Defiance 2020
Babolat Defiance 2020
User Average

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition 2020

Shape: Round
Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Review of Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition 2020

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition 2020
NOX ML10 Pro Cup


Why is it important to choose the right beginner racket?

It’s important to choose the right padel racket when you start playing padel. If you use a padel racket that is adapted for beginners, you will be more successful on the padel court. The right racket will help you keep the ball in play and give you more clean hits. You will have more fun when playing. If you have fun, you play more which makes you better at the game.

Having the right padel racket makes a big difference, so it’s worth doing your homework before making a choice.

What shape should a padel racket for beginners have?

We recommend that you choose a round-shaped racket when you start playing padel. A round padel racket generally has a larger sweet spot. This means higher playability and less vibration. A round racket usually has a low balance, which makes it easier to handle.

How much does a padel racket for beginners cost? 

There are a lot of cheap padel rackets on the market. While these might work if you intend to play just once or twice, they won’t do it for you in the long run. If you plan on playing regularly, we recommend that you get a good beginner racket.

You can find a good starter racket for about 100 Euros that will work perfectly fine. There are of course more expensive alternatives, but keep in mind that the characteristics are more important than the price.

Tips for choosing a padel racket for beginners


We often see beginners using rackets that are too difficult to play. It’s tempting to buy the coolest and best racket on the market when you start playing padel. The problem is that it leads to a bad result on the padel court while interfering with your development as a player. Instead, buy an easy-to-play racket adapted for beginners and upgrade when you get more skilled.


We recommend choosing a lighter racket when you start playing padel. It’s easier to maneuver letting you play longer before getting tired in the shoulder and arm. Heavier rackets are more difficult to move, which means an increased risk of injury before you have developed the right technique. A racket that is too light can also cause injury. The optimal weight for you depends on your physical conditions.

Grip size

To avoid tennis elbow and render the right results on the court, it’s important to have the right grip size. A grip that is too narrow or too thick means that you need to grip the racket harder resulting in tense muscles.

When you buy a padel racket, it comes with a standard grip. On top of this, you should put one or more overgrips depending on the size of your hands. You should be able to place an index finger between your fingertips and the palm of your hand when gripping the racket. If your fingertips touch the palm of your hand, you can try adding another overgrip.

Best padelrackets for beginners 2021 summary

It’s important to choose the right padel racket when you start playing padel. The wrong racket will slow down your development as a player and can also cause injury. Round rackets often have a larger sweet spot and are easier to handle, making them suitable as beginner rackets.

There are beginner rackets in many different price ranges, but it’s the characteristics that are most important. Don’t buy the most expensive racket, instead buy an easy-to-play beginner racket. Choose a racket that you feel comfortable with as it reduces the risk of injury. Lastly, make sure that you are using the right grip size.




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