Best Comfortable Padel Rackets 2021

Best comfortable padel rackets 2021 targets player looking for a racket that effectively reduces vibrations thus minimizes the risk of injury.

Best comfortable padel rackets 2021 selection

Adidas AdiPower LIGHT 2.0

Shape: Round
Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Review of Adidas AdiPower LIGHT

Adidas AdiPower LIGHT 2.0 2020
Adidas AdiPower LIGHT 2.0 2020
User Average

Babolat Defiance 2020

Shape: Round
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Review of Babolat Defiance

Babolat Defiance 2020
Babolat Defiance 2020
User Average

RS Cayetano Rocafort Edition

Shape: Round
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Review of RS Cayetano Rocafort Edition

RS Cayetano Rocafort
RS x-Series Cayetano Rocafort Edition 2020
A great looking racket for medium and advanced level players looking for control and comfort. Recommended for injury-prone players.
Stunning design
Easy to play
No structure on the surface


What characterizes a comfortable racket?

Injuries such as tennis elbow or “padel elbow” can occur for several different reasons. One of the things that affect is the choice of a racket. A comfortable racket usually has a low balance to make it easier to handle and a softer core to reduce vibrations.

Comfort is a key element in producing padel rackets. Most manufacturers have developed technologies to reduce vibrations as effectively as possible.

Who should consider a comfortable racket?

Anyone benefits from playing with a comfortable racket as injuries can occur for players of all levels and ages.

If you’re a new player who has not yet developed a good technique, you are at risk. Especially if you play often. If you’ve had problems with injuries before in other sports, you should also consider a racket with good comfort.

If you experience pain in your shoulder, elbow, or forearm while playing, these are warning signs that you should take seriously. Reduce the frequency you play and/or replace the racket. Once you get a real injury, it can take a long time before you’re back on the court.

How much does a comfortable racket cost?

You can find rackets with good comfort in all price ranges. You should avoid the cheapest rackets as they use inferior materials. The advantage of slightly more expensive models is that they often have more advanced technology to minimize vibrations. Among our recommendations, you will find rackets in different price ranges.

Tips to avoid injuries


It’s easy to get caught up in the amazing sport of padel. Keep in mind that the body needs rest and that the risk of injury increases the more you play. If you feel the slightest pain when playing, take a break.


Poor technique is one of the main causes of injuries. Although a comfortable racket can reduce the risk of injury, it’s not going to cover for lack of technique. Get help from a professional padel coach trainer to improve your technique if needed.

Grip size

The size of the padel grip has a big impact on injuries. A too narrow or thick grip means that you need to hold the racket tighter, which in turn causes muscle tension. Remove or apply overgrips as needed.

Best comfortable padel rackets 2021 summary

Injuries such as tennis elbow often occur due to choosing the wrong racket. A comfortable racket often has a low balance to make it easier to handle and a softer core to minimize vibrations.

If you’re a beginner or have had problems with injuries before, you’re at risk and should consider a comfortable racket. There are rackets with good comfort in all price ranges, but avoid the cheapest ones as they use materials that don’t absorb vibrations well.

Reduce the frequency you play and make sure to have the correct grip size to minimize the risk of injury.




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