Wilson Ultra 2020

Wilson Ultra 2020

Wilson Ultra 2020

Wilson Ultra 2020 är ett padelracket för de mest offensiva spelarna som strävar efter att avgöra poängen så fort chansen dyker upp. Denna modell väger 5 gram mindre och har lite mjukare kärna än Ultra Tour Padel.



Wilson Ultra 2020 has a diamond shape, high balance, and a sweet spot located in the upper part. It’s part of Wilson’s new Ultra-series aimed at attacking-oriented players.

In this model, Wilson has incorporated several new technologies. Infinity Edge means the racket has a special shape on the outside, giving it a larger sweet spot. Opti-Grip is an embossed structure on the surface to help the player generate spin when needed. They also use Sharp Hole Technology where the holes are drilled in a special way to ensure maximum grip.

Double Carbon Wall is a construction with a double-wall, providing a trampoline-like effect with more speed as a result compared to the classic carbon fiber construction.

The core consists of Power Foam offering more speed and lighter weight.