Varlion Maxima Prisma Radio 2021

Varlion Maxima Prisma Radio 2021

Varlion Maxima Prisma Radio 2021

Varlion Maxima Prisma 2021 is an exclusive and innovative padel racket offering a balance between control and power. Varlion’s flagship model.

varlion maxima prisma radio 2021

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  • Year: 2021
  • Brand: Varlion
  • Weight: 350-375 g
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Balance: Medium
  • Hardness: Medium-Hard
  • Type: Balanced


The racket has a teardrop shape, medium balance, and a sweet spot located in the upper part of the impact surface.

To adapt the gaming properties to different temperatures, Varlion manufactures its top models in two different editions. A variant for games in 25 degrees Celsius or warmer called S. The other variant is called W and is suitable for games in temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius.

The outside of the frame has a Prisma shape, a new type of narrow-body developed in an air tunnel to have the least possible air resistance. According to Varlion, this should contribute to 10% less air resistance than a standard frame, contributing to a faster turn.

Slice Technology is a pattern on the surface that contributes to more effect with screwed balls. Otherwise, the model uses all Summum technology, which means a more extended grip than standard, Wings Diffuser and other innovation that improves the gaming properties.

Maxima Prisma Radio 2021 is a high-tech padel racket for players at intermediate level and up looking for a balance between control and power.