Stiga Axe 2021

Stiga AXE 2021 Review

Stiga AXE 2021

Stiga AXE is a great looking padel racket for advanced level players looking for both control and power. Worth checking out.


Great design
Responsive in the attack
Structured surface




Year: 2021
Brand: Stiga
Weight: 365 g
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Shape: Round
Balance: Low
Hardness: Medium
Type: Balanced


The racket has a round shape, low balance, and a sweet spot located in the center of the racket head. AXE is a hand-made racket consisting of Carbon Duplex for better feel and firmness.

The Hybrid Flexi frame consists of a hybrid material containing both carbon fiber and kevlar to make it durable. AXE consists of multiple layers of carbon fiber as well as glass fiber to create a sweet spot that helps generate speed.

It’s the first model from STIGA that has a rugged surface to help generate spin. They call it Ultra Grip.

First impression

Just like their other models, the AXE has a clean and minimalistic Scandinavian design. The color combo consisting of black, grey, and white while showing a hint of the carbon fiber pattern looks great.

It comes with the classic short grip while we would have preferred a slightly longer grip. Hopefully, STIGA will follow other manufacturers that have started to produce rackets with a longer grip aimed at advanced level players.

Our test racket weighs about 373 grams with two overgrips and a frame protector from STIGA. The balance measured 255 mm.

Stiga Axe 2021

Stiga AXE 2021 in the defense

Stiga AXE is developed in close collaboration with Swedish padel player Daniel Windahl. Daniel wanted to create a stiffer padel racket with power and control without sacrificing too much feel.

We can instantly tell the AXE is a rather stiff racket. The touch is firm but still comfortable. This is achieved by using both carbon fiber and glass fiber in the racket. It has a slightly higher balance than most round control-oriented rackets, but it’s still easy to maneuver.

It offers a decent amount of control in the defensive game and generates power in counter-attacks. We notice a clear difference in both feel and speed between clean hits in the middle of the sweet spot and hits towards the frame. The AXE targets advanced level players and you will need a good technique to get the most out of this racket.

Stiga AXE 2021 in the attack

Moving up the court we are pleasantly surprised as the AXE offers more power than expected. It’s responsive in volleys and bandejas and delivers power in smashes.

Stiga AXE delivers a balance between power and control and suits many types of players. We can only recommend it to advanced level players as it requires a proper technique to deliver good results.

Stiga AXE 2021 playability & comfort

Playability and comfort are important factors when choosing a padel racket. Beginners and intermediate-level players generally benefit from a racket with good playability. A comfortable racket reduces the risk of injuries.

Playability: Fair
Comfort: Good

Overall impression

It has been an overall positive experience to play with the AXE, an adaptable all round-racket. Stiga AXE is a great looking padel racket for advanced level players looking for both control and power. Worth checking out.