StarVie Raptor 2021

StarVie Raptor 2021 is WPT player Franco “Stupa” Stupaczuk’s racket of choice. A bestseller hugely popular all over the world.

StarVie Raptor 2021
  • Year: 2021
  • Brand: StarVie
  • Weight: 350-385 g
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Shape: Round
  • Balance: Medium
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Type: Balanced


StarVie Raptor was developed in collaboration with top WPT player “Stupa”.

The racket delivers a balance of control and power. We have spent quite some time testing the previous models and like the unique feel that StarVie Raptor offers. We look forward to testing the 2021 year version soon.

StarVie Raptor has a round shape and medium balance. The core consists of the material EVA Soft with a lower density and the impact surface has two layers of carbon fiber for firmness. Raptor Core is used to stabilize the racket and optimize the balance. The frame is made of 100% carbon fiber. The hitting surface consists of a pattern that helps to generate spin.