Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K 2021

Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K Review

Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K 2021

Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K is a top-quality premium racket from the Spanish brand Siux. It’s a well-balanced and very comfortable racket. It delivers an impressive combination of power and playability. Highly recommended.


Premium design and quality
Very comfortable
Well-balanced in all parts of the game
Impressive combination of playability and power


Price is high
No structure on the impact surface


Year: 2021
Brand: Siux
Weight: 360-370 g
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Shape: Teardrop
Balance: Medium-High
Hardness: Medium
Type: Balanced


Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K 2021 is the latest version of the legendary Pegasus model used by several professional players at WPT.

The racket has a tear-drop shape and medium to high balance. It has a so-called Bitube Carbon Frame in 6K carbon fiber, which means that it’s double-reinforced. The surface is made of 1K carbon fiber and Graphene NanoTech to provide rigidity and power. It also increases durability.

The core consists of EVA Soft High Recovery laminated in five layers. This increases the recoil in the shots while reducing vibrations and the risk of injury. To further increase comfort, Siux has implemented a construction in the frame of the material Aramid that reduces vibrations.

First impression

Racket luxury is the first thought that comes to mind seeing the Pegasus Graphene 1K. It’s a stunning racket with a top-quality finish. The racket is black with silver details and lets through the carbon fiber pattern. The logo, name, and some other details have a brushed metal look.

It has a glossy finish with a surface layer that differs from what we usually see. Instead of the typical hard glossy surface, it has a softer surface condition that Siux calls Smooth and Shiny. This contributes to the premium feel.

It fits nicely in the hand and is well balanced. Our test racket weighs just over 376 grams with two overgrips and we measured the balance to 260 mm. The length of the grip is 12 cm.

Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K 2021
Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K 2021

Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K 2021 in the defense

The first thing we notice is the comfort and how effectively the racket absorbs vibrations. The sound is also rich and pleasant. The racket has a unique character and feel on contact.

Pegasus Graphene 1K has a soft core that recovers quickly, hence the name High Recovery. The advantage of this is that you get better comfort without losing power.

In the defensive game, the racket is easy to handle during fast movements. It helps us to generate speed in lower shots and lobs from the back of the court. The racket has a large sweet spot that sits slightly above the center of the racket head. In counterattacking situations, the racket responds well.

Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K 2021 in the attack

Moving up closer to the net, the Pegasus Graphene 1K delivers excellent comfort, reducing vibrations to the wrist and elbow. The feel on contact in volleys is great and allows us to place balls with good precision. The racket is well balanced and moves nicely in the air at bandejas and viboras.

The carbon fiber 1K impact surface in combination with the high recovery core helps generate power in the smashes. It sounds awesome on impact and several people actually made positive comments on the sound.

Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K 2021 playability & comfort

Playability and comfort are important factors when choosing a padel racket. Beginners and intermediate-level players generally benefit from a racket with good playability. A comfortable racket reduces the risk of injuries.

Playability: Very good
Comfort: Excellent

Overall impression

The overall experience with the Pegasus Graphene 1K has been positive. It’s well balanced and works equally well in all parts of the game. What impresses most is the combination of power and how forgiving it is. It’s comfortable, which makes it suitable for players who want to avoid injuries. That it looks awesome is another bonus.

The price is high and we would have liked a structured surface, but we can’t give it anything but a top rating. A favorite.