Padel Racket Weight

Padel Racket Weight: What You Need To Know (Recommendations)

The weight of the padel racket greatly affects your gameplay. How much should a padel racket weigh? Is there an ideal weight for a padel racket?

Many people are asking the same when they are about to buy a new padel racket. The answer is that there is no optimal weight, but that you should make your choice based on your pre-conditions, such as playing style and physics.

In this article, we will give you some guidelines regarding the weight of the padel racket. However, these are only general guidelines and only by using padel rackets with different weights you can discover what’s best for you.

The difference between a light and a heavy padel racket

The big difference between a lightweight and a heavy padel racket is manageability. Heavy rackets will prevent you from moving quickly and get into the right position. Lighter rackets increase mobility and comfort in situations that require a fast transition.

Heavier padel rackets may be harder to handle, but the advantage is that they give you more power. The explanation is found in Newton’s second law: Power = Mass x Acceleration. If you are looking for more power, a heavier racket will help you.

Another important aspect is that the weight of a racket affects the risk of injuries. Choosing a too light or too heavy racket is one of the most common causes of injuries such as tennis elbow.

Factors affecting the choice of weight

At what level are you playing? If you are relatively new to playing padel, our recommendation is to choose a lighter racket. If you choose a too heavy racket before you have the right technique, you will increase the risk of injury. However, if you play at an advanced level, you can elaborate with higher weights if it fits your playing style.

The next factor that influences the choice of weight on the padel racket is your body weight and fitness level. If you are in good shape and also weigh more, it is advisable to try a heavier racket, otherwise, it is better to start with a lighter racket.

The balance of the padel racket is another factor. Rackets with a high balance, for example, are already quite difficult to handle. I that case, we recommend that you look at a slight lighter racket. Low balance rackets are not as sensitive as the weight is distributed towards the grip.

Recommendations for different types of players

Below are some general guidelines for weight on the padel racket based on your body weight. 


Body weight 50-70 kg: 360-365 grams

Body weight 70-80 kg : 365-375 grams

Body weight over 80 kg: 380-390 grams


Body weight 40-60 kg: 340-355 grams

Body weight 60-70 kg: 360-365 grams

Body weight over 70 kg: 370-375 grams

Keep in mind that these are only general guidelines, it is important to try different rackets to see which weight is best for you.

It’s the total weight that counts

Don’t forget that the total weight of your padel racket will change depending on the accessories you use. When your racket is delivered from the factory, it has only one original grip. For each extra overgrip, you add to adjust the grip size, you add about 5-7 grams per overgrip.

If your padel racket does come with a frame protector, you probably want to put one on. A protector increases the total weight of the racket by about 5-10 grams depending on the model.

With a frame protector and two overgrips, the total weight of your padel racket increases by about 15 grams. If you decided that the ideal racket weight is 375 grams and you want to add a frame protector and two overgrips, the weight of the racket should be approximately 360 grams delivered from the factory.

Padel racket weight summary

There is no ideal weight for a padel racket. The optimal weight for you depends on your playing style, experience, and physics.

A lightweight padel racket is easier to handle while a heavier racket will give you more power. Choosing too light or heavy racket can cause injuries.

Depending on how much you weigh and how athletic you are, there are general recommendations for how much the racket should weigh. But in the end, it’s all about your preferences and how you experience the racket on the court, which is why we always recommend you to try different rackets to find the perfect one for you.

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