Head Flash Pro


The racket has a tear-drop shape, medium balance, and a sweet spot located slightly above the center of the racket head. Head uses Innegra-technology in the frame while the core consists of Power Foam. It has an integrated protector to protect it from impacts.


Head Flash Pro 2020 first impressions

This version of Head Flash looks great. It uses a classical color combo of black and white. The finish is matte.

Our test racket weighs about 363 grams with one overgrip while the balance measures 260 mm.


Head Flash Pro 2020 on the padel court

The racket is easy to maneuver despite that it has a slightly higher balance than most beginner rackets. It’s comfortable to play with and the touch is soft to medium. The sound is also pleasant.

In defense, the Flash Pro is easy to move into the right positions which helps when playing under pressure. The softer core helps generate speed in slower shots while the sweet spot is fairly big.

Moving up the court it continues to deliver decent results. We can control volleys without any issues and the tear-drop shape helps generate some power in smashes.

Head Flash Pro 2020 overall impression

A great looking and comfortable padel racket for beginners in search of a good all-round racket. If you are looking for a relatively cheap padel racket that can help you develop your game, this is worth taking a closer look at.