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Buyer’s Guide: Best Control Padel Rackets 2019

Are you buying a new padel racket and want the best possible control in your shots? In this buying guide, we will be listing our top five picks for the best control padel rackets 2019.

The top list features padel rackets from Adidas, Bullpadel, Nox, Wilson, and Babolat.

We haven’t considered the price point but instead focused on quality and best possible characteristics. If you are looking for cheap padel rackets, stay tuned, as we’ll soon be releasing our buying guide Top 5 Best Budget Padel Rackets 2019.

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Adidas AdiPower Control 1.9

Rekommeded retail price: 340€

Adidas AdiPower CTRL 1.9 is the racket choice of World Padel Tour player Alex Ruiz from Spain. It’s so good that it’s featured in our buyer’s guide 5 Best Padel Rackets 2019, our top picks from all categories.

The racket is round-shaped, has a medium balance and a large sweet spot located in the center. The impact surface has a rough texture helping the player to perform shots with great spin.

AdiPower CTRL 1.9 is easy to play and forgiving. It delivers great characteristics in both defensive and attacking play. Being a racket aimed primarily at control players, it generates surprisingly good power also in smashes and bandejas.

In our opinion, this is one of the best rackets currently available. It’s perfect for all-round players, but also great for attacking players looking for more control in their game.

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Nox ML10 Pro Cup

Recommended retail price: 220€

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup is the first padel racket developed together with World Padel Tour star Miguel Lamperti. This padel racket is a classic and Nox’s most sold racket of all time.

The racket has a round shape, low balance and a large sweet spot that is located in the center.

Our overall impression is that this is a really good option for many different player types. It‘s great for beginners due to its forgiving qualities, but being a top racket it’s also a great choice for advanced players.

On top of that, being fairly priced, we understand why this model is a top seller. Recommended.

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test babolat defiance carbon 2019

Babolat Defiance Carbon

Rekommended retail price: 240€

Babolat Defiance Carbon 2019 offers a lot of news and improvements to last year’s model.

The racket has a round shape, low balance and a sweet spot that is located in the center. The difference compared with the previous year’s model is that the holes are centered to the sweet spot. The size of the holes is also adjusted so that some are smaller and some larger, all to maximize speed and control.

We like the features of this racket and it has a great design, visible from far away thanks to its clear colors. Another positive is the textured impact surface which makes it easier to add spin to the ball.

If you are looking for a control-oriented padel racket, we highly recommend trying this model.

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test bullpadel vertex control 2019

Bullpadel Vertex Control

Recommended retail price: 360€

Bullpadel Vertex Control 2019 is a more easy-to-play version of the Bullpadel Vertex 2. It has the same fine technology but offers better control in exchange for less power.

The racket has a round shape, low balance and a relatively large sweet spot that is located in the center.

The round shape and low balance make it easy to place balls with good control and precision. The defensive shots from the back of the court feel great, and it delivers decent power in the more attacking shots.

The overall impression is that Bullpadel Vertex Control 2019, thanks to its new innovative technology and good in-game characteristics, is a great choice for players looking for control.

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test wilson carbon force pro 2019

Wilson Carbon Force Pro

Recommended retail price: 210€

Wilson Carbon Force Pro a top-quality racket packet with new technology for players seeking maximum control.

The racket has a round shape, low balance and a sweet spot that is located in the center. The impact surface has a patterned structure which gives the player better possibilities to add spin.

Playing with this racket, it has soft and nice touch. It delivers great results from the defensive zones of the padel court. It’s easy to place balls with good precision and the lobs take off with good speed.

The quality is good throughout and we think Wilson did great with the design. Recommended for players with a playing style focused on control.

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We have now presented our five top picks for control padel rackets 2019.

On the top list, we have Adidas AdiPower CTRL 1.9 for players with a slightly larger budget who want the absolute best, as well as the Nox ML10 Pro Cup which offers great bang-for-the-buck.

Bullpadel Vertex Control, Wilson Carbon Force Pro, and Babolat Defiance Control are also excellent options for players looking for maximum control in their game without sacrificing too much power.

All five are top quality padel rackets that will help you improve your game, it’s just a matter of personal preferences. Which one looks most interesting to you?

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