Bullpadel Vertex 3 Woman 2021

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Woman 2021 is back in updated form and new design. It is WPT player Delfi Brea’s choice of a racket.

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Woman 2021
  • Year: 2021
  • Brand: Bullpadel
  • Weight: 345-360 g
  • Level: ntermediate/Advanced
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Balance: High
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Type: Power


The bestseller Bullpadel Vertex W is back in a new version. This racket weighs about 20-30 grams less than its siblings in the same series.

New for this year is an aerodynamic frame, AIR REACT CHANNEL, which provides a stiffer and lighter structure. This results in more power, speed and response.

This model is suitable for players who, for various reasons, are looking for a lighter racket without sacrificing other game characteristics. It is also suitable for players who have problems with injuries such as “padel elbow”.

The racket is diamond-shaped, has a high balance, and a sweet spot located in the surface’s upper part. The surface consists of the new material FIBRIX, which is a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The core consists of ADAPTIA of the type MULTIEVA, a mixture of materials with different densities. The outer layer has a higher density, while the inner layer with a lower density.

The racket has a sandpaper-like surface layer that helps the player to generate effect. It has the VIBRADRIVE anti-vibration system, consisting of a silicone material that runs along with the entire grip.