Bullpadel Vertex 3 Comfort 2021

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Comfort 2021

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Comfort 2021

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Comfort 2021 is a more easy-to-play and comfortable version of Vertex 3. Suitable for players who want an attacking-oriented padel racket with playability and comfort.

Bullpadel Vertex 3 Comfort 2021
  • Year: 2021
  • Brand: Bullpadel
  • Weight: 365-380 g
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Balance: High
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Type: Power


Bullpadel Vertex 3 Comfort 2021 is a follow-up to last year’s popular model. It is an easier to play and more comfortable version of Bullpadel Vertex 3.

New for this year is the new Air React Channel technology. It is a construction around the racket neck that makes it more aerodynamic. This provides a lighter racket to increase the speed needed in the attacking game but, while at the same time improving control in the defense.

The racket has a diamond shape and a high balance. The core is of the Multi EVA type which is a combination of materials with different densities. The outer layer has a higher density to improve the power in harder shots, while the inner layer is softer to contribute speed in looser shots.

The hitting surface consists of the new material Fibrix, which is a mixture of harder carbon fiber and softer fiberglass. Vibradrive is used to reduce vibrations.

This racket is suitable for intermediate-level players and professionals looking for a comfortable power-racket.