Bullpadel Hack Control 2021

Bullpadel Hack Control 2021 Review

Bullpadel Hack Control 2021

Bullpadel Hack Control is the control version of Paquito Navarros Hack 02 racket. For players who prefer stiff rackets and want to control the game. Can render great results in the hands of the technically skilled player.


Easy to maneuver
Great for control
Adjustable weight & balance


Relatively small sweet spot
Lacks weight in the attack


Year: 2021
Brand: Bullpadel
Weight: 365-380 g
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Shape: Round
Balance: Low
Hardness: Hard
Type: Control


Bullpadel Hack 02 2021 has the same specification as last year’s model. It has a round shape and low balance.

The surface layer is made of TriCarbon and the frame is 100% carbon fiber. The core is called Adaptia and is of the MultiEva type, which is a combination of materials with different densities. The outer layer has a higher density to improve the effect on harder shots, while the inner layer is softer to contribute speed on looser shots.

The rack is delivered pre-assembled with the popular grip Hesacore. This means that the hand grips the racket better, which means less strain on the hand, wrist, and forearm. The vibrations are reduced, which reduces the risk of tennis elbow.

It is also possible to attach weights (Custom Weights) to the frame guard and under the handle. It is possible to mount up to 3 small metal plates x 3 grams in the frame cover to make the racket more top-heavy and thus generate more power in the blows. If you want increased control, you can easily mount weight of 5 or 10 grams in the handle.

First impression

Hack Control 2021 comes with the same specification as last year’s model. The only difference is the design. This year’s model combines a red color with a golden tone and has a matte finish. The carbon fiber pattern is visible in the background and the Bullpadel logo has a glossy finish.

Our test racket weighs about 371 grams without overgrips and we measured the balance to 240 mm.

Bullpadel Hack Control 2021
Bullpadel Hack Control 2021

Bullpadel Hack Control 2021 in the defense

This will be a second visit to the model as we have reviewed last year’s Hack Control. We immediately have the characteristic sensation that we have with many of Bullpadel’s rackets. A stiff and what could be described as a dry feel on contact. Despite being stiff, the racket absorbs vibrations effectively thanks to Bullpadel’s technology Vibradrive.

In the defensive play, the racket has its advantages and disadvantages. On the upside, we have high manageability and very good control. Hack Control is easy to maneuver in pressured situations and the stiff feel contributes to great precision. The racket responds immediately and does exactly what you expect it to do.

On the downside, we have a lack of playability. Hack Control is a stiff, technical racket with a relatively small sweet spot. It requires a player with good technique who can hit clean and generate exactly the right speed himself. You will get punished for doing mistakes.

Bullpadel Hack Control 2021 in the attack

When playing close to the net, it’s still the responsiveness and control that stands out. It delivers volleys with good precision. In the overhead game, the Hack Control is moving nicely in the air.

The racket lacks weight in the smashes, which can be partially adjusted with the Custom Weights system. As the Hack Control has a hard inner core with lower elasticity, it doesn’t help generate speed. With its responsiveness, players who hit hard will be rewarded with power.

Bullpadel Hack Control 2021 playability & comfort

Playability and comfort are important factors when choosing a padel racket. Beginners and intermediate-level players generally benefit from a racket with good playability. A comfortable racket reduces the risk of injuries.

Playability: Good
Comfort: Fair

Overall impression

Just like last year, Hack Control has offered a positive experience. It’s a technically challenging racket and not for the beginner. If, on the other hand, you are a player with good skills who likes to control the game, then Hack Control is a great weapon.