Bullpadel Hack Control 2019

Bullpadel Hack Control 2019 Review

Bullpadel Hack Control 2019

Bullpadel Hack Control 2019 is the easier to play, control-oriented brother of Hack 02. Used by World Padel Tour player Fede Chingotto.

Bullpadel Hack Control 2019


The racket has a round shape, low balance, and a relatively large sweet spot.

The impact surface is made of Xtend Carbon 18K which has 18,000 carbon fibers per cm². This gives better response and power without reducing control.

Bullpadel Hack Control comes pre-assembled with the immensely popular grip Hesacore. This new ergonomic grip makes the handgrip better on the racket, resulting in less strain on the hand, wrist, and forearm. Also, fewer vibrations reduce the risk of tennis elbow.

Another feature is the possibility of attaching weights (Custom Weights) to the frame and the grip. It is possible to mount up to 3 weights x 3 grams on the frame to make the racket more top-heavy and thus generate more power. If you want increased control, you can easily mount weight of 5 or 10 grams in the grip.


Bullpadel Hack Control 2019 first impressions

Bullpadel Hack Control 2019 gives a great sense of quality. It is one of the more premium models from the Spanish brand, and also the most expensive.

Bullpadel Hack Control 2019 on the padel court

It offers great feel and control. If you’re the type of player that prefers softer rackets, this is not for you.

The round shape combined with a lower balance makes this racket easy to handle. It’s certainly stronger in the defensive play but offers decent power in the attacking play as well.

Bullpadel Hack Control 2019 overall impression

This racket packs the latest technology and innovation. We consider it one of the best rackets on the market for control-oriented players.

We like the fact that you can change the balance of the racket by attaching custom weights, highly recommended.