Adidas Metalbone CTRL 2021

Adidas Metalbone CTRL 2021 Review

Adidas Metalbone CTRL 2021

Adidas Metalbone CTRL is an innovative racket with a lot of control. It delivers excellent results in the defensive game and the volleys. It is responsive in the attack but is lacking weight in the overhead shots.


Excellent control
Consistent results
Possible to modify weigh and balance


Lacks weight in the overhead shots


Year: 2021
Brand: Adidas
Weight: 340-365 g
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Shape: Round
Balance: Low-Medium
Hardness: Medium
Type: Control


This is a more easy-to-play version of the Adidas Metalbone, a brand new model for 2021.

This is a racket for the player who prioritizes control. It has a round shape, medium balance, and a sweet spot located in the middle of the face.

The racket, just like Metalbone, has a low weight of 345-360 g that can be modified with the included weights. It comes with two red weights that weigh 1 gram each and four metallic colored weights that weigh 2.5 grams each. With all the weights mounted, the racket weighs about 360 grams and has a low to medium balance.

The surface is made of aluminum-reinforced carbon fiber, and the core consists of EVA Soft Performance.

This version also uses Octogonal Structure to generate more power in hard shots.

The surface has a sandpaper-like structure for better effect.

Is this the sequel to the Adidas AdiPower CTRL? No. AdiPower CTRL remains in the range. The difference between the two models is that Metalbone CTRL has a harder surface and a softer core. Metalbone CTRL offers more feel and speed with looser shots, while AdiPower CTRL offers more response and power in harder shots.

First impression

Metalbone CTRL is characterized by the weights that sits on the side of the racket. It gives a sober impression with its gray tones and blue elements. The sandpaper-like surface further contributes to the matte, industrial feel.

Our test racket weighs 370 grams without the included weights but including two overgrips. We measured the balance to 255 mm. The length of the grip is 120 mm.

Adidas Metalbone CTRL
Adidas Metalbone CTRL

Adidas Metalbone CTRL in the defense

This control version of Ale Galán’s diamond-shaped Metalbone targets players who want to control the game.

It is a stiff racket with a distinct feel at ball contact. The surface is hard, consisting of aluminum-reinforced carbon fiber. To counterbalance, Adidas has implemented a softer core.

Metalbone CTRL is easy to move in the defense, allowing us to position the racket correctly even in high-pressure situations. We can generate good speed from the back of the court, and in counterattack situations, it responds well. The racket offers excellent control, and for being a technical racket aimed at experienced players, it has a relatively large sweet spot.

Adidas Metalbone CTRL in the attack

When we move closer to the net, the high level of control characterizes the Metalbone CTRL. It delivers consistent results both in deep volleys and at shorter precision shots. The stiffness also helps us to control shots that come at a higher speed from the opposing side.

It is in the overhead game that Metalbone CTRL shows its first weaknesses. It is easy to maneuver in the air but lacks some weight at the top to generate power. However, the racket is responsive and delivers precision.

In smashes, the responsiveness is good, but it requires a fast swing and good technique to generate power.

Adidas Metalbone CTRL playability & comfort

Playability and comfort are important factors when choosing a padel racket. Beginners and intermediate-level players generally benefit from a racket with good playability. A comfortable racket reduces the risk of injuries.

Playability: Medium-High
Comfort: Medium

Overall impression

Metalbone CTRL is an innovative racket with a lot of control. It delivers excellent results in the defensive game and the volleys. It is responsive in the attack but is lacking weight in the overhead shots.

If you have a good technique, you will not have any problems generating power in the attack. If, on the other hand, you are a player who needs extra help to generate power, we recommend looking at Adidas Metalbone.

If you are an intermediate-level player or better who primarily wants to control the game, we recommend testing Metabone CTRL.